Research Projects

Many of our lab research projects, including those on social media, attentional focus and self-regulation, are described on our Digital Technologies and Training lab website.

Domain-specific video-game play as training for decision making

Lucy Parrington, Clare MacMahon and Lisa Wise

Decision-making is a key perceptual-cognitive skill in many complex tasks and domains of functioning. Decision-making in team sports can be used as a proxy for decision-making in other time-constrained and pressure based tasks involving goal-oriented, team-based behaviour.



Hockey, stick-grip and decision-making

Marten De Man, Lisa Wise, Jason Skues and Lucy Parrington

This is an emerging project investigating type of grip, integration with body schema, perceptual cues and decision-making in the context of field hockey.

Field Hockey Tool Task

Biological motion cues for perceiving vulnerability to victimisation

Caitlin Mallon (student intern), Lucy Maxwell, Lucy Parrington, and Lisa Wise

This exploratory research assesses how perceptions of vulnerability may be determined from characteristics of walking gaits, such as stride length, captured in point light displays. We aim to compare the characteristics of vulnerability identified by a general sample, with those identified by violent offenders.

Understanding aggressive intent from biological motion cues

Lisa Wise, Lucy Parrington, Jason Skues, and Clare MacMahon

The aim of this study is to understand the influence of biological motion cues versus sociocultural cues on the interpretation of aggressive intent.


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